There’s a place in our heart that we all call home. It is a place that always brings back sweet memories and joy. It stays untouched by our everyday lives, and we keep going back to it to draw strength and warmth to keep us going.

Maheshwar is that place for us. It is where our journey began. Some would say, it is our place of origin. It was one of the first clusters we worked with when we started Kaisori a few years ago.

Our new collection, Tattva, reflects the place that is us. Through it, we give you glimpses of creators from Maheshwar, their worlds along the banks of river Narmada and the looms that spun us into who we are today.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect upon our truth.
It is a refection who we are and what we do.
It is what we are made of—Tattva.

Discover our story of handmade love.