Kaisori Brown Cheriyal Masks

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As our continuous strife to create new stories of handmade, we work with various artisan groups across the country to create thematic seasonal stories.One being Cheriyal from Andhra Pradhesh. Cheriyal (or Cherial), a story telling cratt about 400 years old from Andhra Pradesh.

Storytellers used painted Cheriyal masks to build intrigue for the gathered crowd in any festival to tell religious stories.The masks are lesser known as they are overshadowed by the scroll-paintings which this village is famous for. They really are miniatures of what must have been life-size, rather face-size, in earlier years. Wandering story-tellers used these masks in traditional story telling when they travelled from village to village. Drawn from daily life and mythology, the smaller masks and other toys would be sold in the village once the stories were done with. In Telangana, Today, they are used as decorative items for the home.. They add a eye-popping splash of colour to a dull corner, brightening it immediately. Today the art is survived by a couple of families in the region who are working to keep the traditions alive,

Material: Handmade and hand-painted using a light wood base, tamarind seeds and sawdust, these masks are intricately painted, mostly in a red or blue base colour.

Care Instructions :Dry cloth wipe only.Do not soak.

Variation and irregularities in the fabric are part of the hand weaving process and are part of the beauty and charm of the handmade fabric.