Kota White Silk saree

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 A royal order was passed by a princess on the banks of the Kota Jagmandir palace to weave a saree as ephemeral and light as the breeze of the Kota Lake. Inspired by the ribbon-like clouds that stream the summer skies, Kota doria was born with a reduced warp and wefts in a checked pattern 

Your Kaisori Kota is one of a kind. Like the swift summer breeze, its light and woven by the expert karigars of Kaithoon It is then interlaced with other craft forms like Kashmiri work from the Sopore  valley to create the a new yet chic drape story.

Variation and irregularities in the fabric are part of the hand weaving process and are part of the beauty and charm of the handmade fabric.

Fabric : Handwoven Kota silk hand-embroidered with Kashmiri embroidery 

 Care Instructions : Dry cleaning only Do not soak in water  Gentle ironing.