Zahra -Bagru Batik dyed silk cotton sarees

Zahra -Bagru Batik dyed silk cotton sarees

And there it stood, a flower on a rock, where nothing else lived for a hundred miles in every direction. This flower was life, bold and true, standing proud to the sky, lapping up sunlight, digging his roots into the ground. She was living; no matter what the world told her she couldn’t be, she just went on, chin up into the sun, and I realized that life, by its very nature, is brave.
– Atticus

There’s something about the flower that pushes itself through the cracks and crevices of unforgiving surfaces, from barren nothingness. So utterly unabashed about its desire to bask in sunlight, to unfurl in all its vibrant glory. Its delicate petals belie its resilience. Its tender shoots twirling hither and thither, seek new directions to thrive. And become this thing of beauty in a world of stark mundanity.

Our new collection ZAHRA, inspired by the little flower, celebrates stories of being brazen. It is an ode to women who refused to give up, pushed their way through, and found their success in unlikely places and circumstances.

This collection is an expression of our determination to break away from traditional designs in conventional craft techniques. It is an attempt at giving a new lease of life to Bagru using Batik dyeing craft in contemporary designs.