Meet the Founder

Emily Chakraborty dabbled in her many interests - music, dance, art, films - before choosing advertising as her profession. After a 10 year career at Ogilvy Bangalore managing many big brands, she started Kaisori, a platform that finds, revives and brings together crafts from all over India.She is a handloom evangelist, a trained Kathak dancer and loves to paint whenever she finds an opportunity.

She feels that the beauty of working with artisans is beyond work. Working with artisans from various parts of India makes me happy. It's lovely to be able to be a part of the journey of other people who could use some help, some platforms to showcase and sell their work.

The best part is, dealing with people who are grounded and close to the earth who have opened my eyes to a different sort of reality. Every day is a new experience. I learnt so much that I didn't know before that no job or education could teach me. There is no inequality here. I feel education and "culture" as we think of it today, makes people judgemental and creates inequalities. While the unadulterated people who spin the wheel or use their hands to create beautiful products out of earth using natural dyes, maintaining sustainability, which are all hygiene factors and not marketing gimmicks, are truly empowered.