Kaisori Meenakari Earrings - Chandbali
Kaisori Meenakari Earrings - Chandbali Kaisori

Kaisori Meenakari Earrings - Chandbali

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Native to Persia , Meenakari is a versatile jewelry form that flourished under the Mughal patronage in India. Kaisori brings you a story in Panch Rangi Meena - combining 5 colors of summer with metal alloys to create a folk art story from Bengal, one that reflects the everyday quintessential Bengali way of life.

The Chandbala design has been made in Panch raangi Meena from our collection.

Following instructions overleaf ensure the long life of your handloom products.


Fabric Metal alloy engraved with intricate detailing and  filled with enamel colors. 

Care Instructions : Wipe clean with soft dry cloth only