Narmada - Batik Maheshwaris

The holy river Narmada is the form of Goddess Narmada that was blessed by Lord Shiva to be always full and cleanse the sins of those who bath in her water.

This timeless river has lived through conquests traditions and changing landscapes over centuries. It is a legend in in itself, with gloriouskingdoms, ghats and havelis coming up on its banks. It has nurtured life, culture and craft traditions over the ages.\

Kaisori’s new collection ‘Narmada’ is an ode to this divine river that nourisjed many stories. We have imagined her as the powerful narrator ofthree craft-stories from Madhya Pradesh –Gond art form by Bhils, handspun and handwoven Maheshwari by the Ansari and hand - painted Batik by the Guttis of Ujjain blended into one exquisite, truly one-of-a-kind, saree collection.