About us

In my view, every sojourn is inspired by a myriad of journeys

A traveller at heart, I explored the nooks and corners of India and fell in love with her arts and crafts. Every destination I backpacked to, I found an arts and handicrafts discovery waiting to happen.

The crafts of India are diverse, rich in history, culture and religion. Based on extensive travel and research, I love all aspects of Indian handicrafts and reveals each array in the form of jewellery, soaps, home furnishing items and attires which are a perfect example of sustainable and an earthy lifestyle.

Romancing folk Indian arts inspired me to support the cause of handicrafts and revive their beautiful culture across the urban landscapes of India. I’m fiercely passionate to make India re-discover their love for art, organic products, textiles and craftsmanship.

Kaisori was born out of this very passion - A celebration of Indian culture and storytelling as seen through our ancient crafts. It is a collective journey into the heart of India’s crafted marvels, reaching into our cities for you to rediscover a love for all things handmade.

1. Our story is "LOVEHANDMADE" All Kaisori products are completely handcrafted without using any machines. We work with natural dyes and all natural materials that support ancillary groups to create an overall sustainability story

2. Our story of sustainability is rooted at a grass-root level. We believe in creating constant work and growth for those at the grass-root level – the Artisans, to make this an honest venture. The idea is bridge the gap between two ends of the spectrum - the maker and the consumer. They can touch, feel and experience the magic of India through our crafts led lifestyle initiate.

3. We work with several categories - apparel, accessories, shoes, home, jewellery, beauty and art decor. Currently working with about 50 odd groups to support continuous growth through constant circulation of work. We believe in growing together and the only way to achieve this is to create new opportunities for them. Our sustainable LIVESLOW story is all about a lifestyle that combines the impact of crafts every day in everything that we consume - wear, do, eat and use.

4. All artisans are paid upfront on a periodic basis with no burden of carrying any stock. We take complete responsibility and ownership to create a market for their product stories. Their wages are determined by them as per the orders and the time consumed on the total production.

5. No artisans are under pressure for any delivery. We do accept delays if at all and plan production timelines as per their convenience. Our relationship is humane. We work as a cohesive unit to develop our stories

6. Mindful consumption, creation and usage are not new to them. They are equally conscious of how they work, where they work and how it impacts the environment. Will be happy to share a few examples over a call

To be honest, the beauty of working with artisans is beyond work. Working with artisans from various parts of India makes me happy. It's lovely to be able to be a part of the journey of other people who could use some help, some platforms to showcase and sell their work.

The best part is, dealing with people who are grounded and close to the earth who have opened my eyes to a different sort of reality. Every day is a new experience. I learnt so much that I didn't know before that no job or education could teach me. There is no inequality here. I feel education and "culture" as we think of it today, makes people judgemental and creates inequalities. While the unadulterated people who spin the wheel or use their hands to create beautiful products out of earth using natural dyes, maintaining sustainability, which are all hygiene factors and not marketing gimmicks, are truly empowered.

When you buy an handmade product, you buy an artisan’s labour of love put together over many days, weeks or months.

Rediscover the love for handmade with us.

Happy Browsing.