Kaisori discovers : Wooden block makers of Pethapur

Kaisori discovers..

Ever looked at the fine looking block printed fabrics and wondered how they could be handmade with that exactness?

The precious art of  wooden block making today is actually an endangered one, practiced by only a few surviving craftsmen of Pethapur, a village in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat.

The skill is believed to have originated and travelled from Iran to India almost 300 years ago. The process beautifully remains the same till date, with the blocks being made from seasoned teak wood, on which the artisan then deftly etches the fine designs with handcrafted tools, involving high level of precision.

These handmade blocks then are used to create intricate patterns that adorn varied textiles. With the influence of contemporary design sensibility and love for craft, this art form can continue to thrive and flourish






  • Aravind Jaina

    Your contact no send me

  • Shilpa Patel

    I would like to have the contact numbers of Pethapur Block makers please,Thank you!

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