Kaisori Yellow Kawad

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Kavad, is a storytelling box with multiple doors. In the bygone era, a Kavadiya would travel to distant villages in rural Raajsthan to narrate  Indian tales of the Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Local Heroes and Patrons unveiling the story with the opening of each door of each door.

Today the art is survived by a couple of families in the region who are working with a few more families to keep the traditions alive.As an ode to our rich craft and cultural legacy, Kaisori has been working with this group and a few others to create a special story for the festive season with few oral story telling art forms from across the country.

We are presenting a series of Ramayana and Krishna Kavads handmade and hanpainted by the artisans of Bassi.

Material: Handmade and hand-painted using a light wood and intricately painted with mytholigical stories mostly in a red, yellow or blue base colour.

Care Instructions :Dry cloth wipe only..Do not soak.

Variation and irregularities in the fabric are part of the hand weaving process and are part of the beauty and charm of the handmade fabric.